Saturday, August 9, 2014


Do you know what reducers are?  They are those inserts placed in the top of many of your plastic squeeze or glass drop containers that live up to their name - they reduce the amount of product coming out of the bottle.  This is good while it's full to prevent waste by stopping too much from pouring out at one time.  But it also prevents you from being able to fully empty the contents of your beauty product left inside when the container stops squeezing it out or the bottle stops dropping.   Here's the solution. Take a thin straight edge knife and wedge it between the reducer and bottle where they fit together. Carefully and slowly pry it up and watch it flip out.  Now use your MakeUpMiser, Original Flex-Tip Beauty Spatula to go deep inside the container and get days and even weeks more of your valuable skin care product. The smallest Mini-Miser will work the best usually on these size bottles.  The black spoon tip allows you to see how much product you are pulling out so you get just what you need per serving.  They work FANTASTIC with Obagi's Clear and Blender in those hard plastic containers and if you use them you know how expensive they are.  I use my MakeUpMisers at my spa with many of my back bar products too. It really saves so much money and gives me power over the product. Three cheers for smart savings!  **  NOW BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF & FREE SHIPPING **  Proudly Made in America

Monday, May 12, 2014

Meet Gorgeous-Glam Girl -Kerrie!

Hello friends,
 My name is Kerrie D. Barker and I am the Makeup Artist & owner of Gorgeous-Glamour. I had a chance to review Michelle's wonderful product the MakeUpMiser and it came in so handy for me and I just love it. I have partnered with Michelle to help grow her blog and help you learn about this great invention as well. There was just something about Michelle when I spoke to her, you could tell she was a good person with a good heart that I felt teaming up with her would be a great experience. It already has been!
I will be blogging to you about all things beauty and skin care a couple of times a month. We are both Lic. Esthetician's so we will be able to give you some very helpful and valuable information. I am really excited about this and I hope you will check back often to hear the latest and learn some tips to help you with your makeup and all your skin care needs!

A little about me:
I am married and live in TX with my adorable husband and my spoiled dog named Sampson. We don't have any kids yet but we are adopting and praying a match will be made soon. I have always had a love for Makeup and I used my business to help women learn how to apply makeup and how to have a good self esteem. I focus a lot on confidence and how to be proud of who you are, I always say "Confidence is beautiful" and it is so true!! Confidence shines from the inside out. I am not a Makeup artist who Photoshop's her work. Although there is a time and place for a little bit of that and of course if a client requests it, but I believe that everyone is unique and different and there is no cookie-cutter perfect woman. Change the things you can/want to and learn to embrace the things that you can't, I strongly believe this. My blogs on my page (see below) are full on Makeup/skin care tips, recipes, my weight loss journey and places on the internet you can find free samples! We have a lot of fun on my facebook page and I love to help bloggers show of their work as well! I will try to keep my posts on MakeUpMiser site and my blog different, however you may find the same content cross paths from time to time.

This is a post that really tells you why I started my Makeup Business. It is a little lengthy and I try to keep mine fairly short.
 However, it is a good read and I would love to know what you think of it!

Come say hi:
Kerrie D. Makeup
Artist & Lic. Esthetician
Gorgeous-Glamour Makeup Artistry, lessons and girls parties.

Now on to the good stuff:

My review of the MakeUpMiser spatula set
I have a solution to a big beauty problem!
Do you use bottled/jar foundation and other beauty products??? Of course you do!
Every night I go to get my night cream, from a jar, and every night I wind up with moisturizer under my nails. I can't stand it, I know it is just moisturizer and I can wash my hands, but it drives me insane. Foundations bottles are even worse!  I can't get my fingers in anyway but if I can, if I get it under my nails it  totally grosses me out.  I have been trying out different nail services such as gel/acrylic/tips and trust me, foundation doesn't want to come off under your nail or the gel/acrylic when they are growing out. I must confess, I have used a q-tip to try to reach the bottom, however it just soaks it up! Still wasted   :( That's when this spatula and it's flexibility comes in handy. No more wasted product!  I don't have money to waste and I know you don't either!!! The 3 different sizes of spatulas that you get in the package really come in handy as well.
This beauty tool cleans up really easily too, I used a little face cleanser (you can use regular soap) and voila, ready for the next time I need it. I did use a little nail brush I keep near the sink to get in the groove.

Here is some good info taken from the MakeUpMiser web site:
"Meet the patent-pending MakeUpMiser - a set of three flexible and reusable makeup spatulas that allows you to "get to the bottom of it" and capture every drop of your expensive foundations, serums, moisturizers and other cosmetics.
  • The set contains three uniquely shaped, soft flexible makeup spatulas that easily slide into every kind of cosmetic container to grab just the right amount of product you need. They also make for an easy and no-waste method to transfer cosmetics to travel size containers. Keeps long nails OUT of messy creams and your products sanitary by not using your fingers. The set is washable and reusable, making it environmentally-friendly.
  • We're proud to say the MakeUpMiser is 100% made in the USA!
  • Included with your purchase - A set of 3 spatulas that easily slide into every kind of container! Tests with MakeUpMiser have provided up to 21 more days of usage from one oz serums (which can cost up to $150) a significant savings - So get the most out of your makeup, and finally "Get to the bottom of it" SHIPS FREE to your location (US Residents Only).  "
I liked this pages info on the product, it even mentions the q-tip thing as well, it just soaks up any product and is no good. The spatula is the perfect way to resolve this problem.
As a Esthetician and germ-a-phob  I strongly recommend you don't dip your hands in your jar. Yes, I confessed, I do it, now I have a way to follow my own advice. Do you know how dirty your hands are!!! Sure, you can wash them before you dip them in and you would also need to use a nail brush because you have germs under your nail that  will get into your product The flexible spatula takes care of this issue because you washed it last time you used it so it is ready to go.
Another use I found for these:
Some times I need to scrape a little bit of product off of my compact or baked/pressed shadows/blush etc. I either do this because I am working with a client and need to be very sanitary with my professional makeup or because I am mixing it with another color or water to darker the effect of the eye shadow, The spatula helped me accomplish this instead of the end of a brush which I sometimes use. <<bad idea by the way!
*** Please note: The above idea is my take on a use for this product and is not suggested on the MakeupUpMiser web site.
Regular price for the set of 3 is 19.95, which is a great deal really. Right now they are on sale for 14.95 Free shipping to the U.S.  You can purchase here-
*** Go enter the giveaway on the blog on the right hand size and try to win your very own set! (mobile users scroll to the bottom on the blog)
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I've talked to her a few times now and there's just something good about her.
You can also watch a video on this great product on Youtube
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 Let us know if you have this product and what you think. Enter the giveaway and share with friends!!! It ends in 5 days!!
Thanks so much for reading and good luck with the contest, I know you are going to love these!! Thank you to Michelle for letting me review these for you, I truly love them.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tips For Using Coconut Oil In Your Beauty Routine

I love how coconut oil has made my skin appear so much brighter and younger looking - but hate the oily mess it can create in my bathroom.  Here are some great tips I’ve discovered to prevent waste, mess and enjoy using this miraculous oil more. 

First of all, only buy extra virgin cold pressed organic unrefined coconut oil because it contains no destructive bleaches, chemicals or heat processes that destroy its’ health benefits. 

I keep a small amount of coconut oil in a prep bowl (from my kitchen) on my bathroom vanity. I put approximately ¼ cup of oil in the bowl -which lasts about a week. When it's empty I run it through the dishwasher and refill it from the container I keep stored in my kitchen for cooking and nutritional purposes. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Martha Stewart Endorses MakeUpMiser®

I woke up on 12-12-12 and realized this date wouldn’t roll around for another 100 years.  Before climbing out of bed I made a little wish (more like a silent prayer) that something wonderful might happen this day to mark the moment.  But as the day progressed it was appearing just like any other. “It’s no big deal” I thought… I have much to be grateful for – besides; wishes hardly ever come true, right?

That evening when I got home from work - I put down my things on the dining table and, as I always do, then sat down in front of my computer to check on the day’s MakeUpMiser website sales.   I literally thought my email was malfunctioning.  Sales confirmations were popping into the inbox every few minutes and this had been going on all day because my inbox had multiple pages of new sales!

Rob, my husband, had called me earlier to say he had heard that Martha Stewart appeared on the Today Show that morning and briefly mentioned something about makeup spatulas.  But she spoke it in passing and did not mention a brand name.  

Skin Deep Blog

Skin Deep Blog

Welcome to my blog.

My goal for writing this blog is to help educate women (and men) on proper skincare and offer money-saving tips on how to get the most from your skincare products. I thought I would begin by giving you a brief background on my personal journey and how I became so passionate about helping others find their true beauty.

 I became interested in skincare when I was in my early 40s (like most women). I enjoyed talking to the estheticians who gave me treatments, but what I found was that some were truthful and others were just trying to sell me products. This motivated me to become an esthetician myself, so I could help others navigate the ever-alluring jungle of cosmetic promises and dreams.

Cosmetic Spatula on Shark Tank

There’s No Such Thing As Bad Publicity By: Michelle C Phillips, LME

Recently I was lucky enough to tune into an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank. I began viewing just as they were announcing that evening’s lineup of new inventions which would be pitched to successful millionaires by hopeful entrepreneurs. All I remember hearing was “Tonight a special spatula”… my heart dropped. “WHAT? Oh no, that‘s MY product!” My husband and I sat glued to our television set as the woman being introduced was said to have come up with a big money saver for cosmetic lovers. She revealed a uniquely shaped cosmetic spatula that could capture every drop from the bottom and sides of cosmetic containers, such as liquid foundations, serums, lotions, moisturizers, hair gels, etc.

Practical Skin Cleansing Tips

Going to a spa on a regular basis is a luxury reserved for those with plenty of disposable income. However, even if you are not living an opulent lifestyle your skin can still look as if you do. Here are some common sense skin care tips that will give you healthy, vibrant skin and help slow the aging process. The first and most important step in skincare is proper cleansing because it sets the stage for all other steps. If you don’t get this one right, then all the money you spend on skin care products are practically wasted.

Tip #1 – Cleanse Your Skin Twice a Day
Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Truth is many people don’t take the time to properly cleanse their skin – and a dirty face ages faster than a clean one. For a clear complexion you should cleanse your face morning and night. If you only feel you have time for a once a day cleansing, then be sure to do it before bedtime. As you sleep the body goes through detoxification and regeneration processes. Your skin is your body’s largest organ – so always go to bed with a fresh clean face.

Tip #2 – Keep Grease at Bay
Washing will only keep your face clean if the surfaces it comes into contact with are clean as well. People with acne and oily complexions should be extremely careful not to cross-contaminate their skin by exposing it to surfaces that have facial oils, old makeup and hair styling products on them such as pillow cases. Change them often. Also hats and pads in sports helmets that touch the face are severe breeders of bacteria, dirt and oils and should be cleaned regularly.  Touching your face also transfers bacteria from your hands right into your pores.  Break that habit!